The golden pony guild was one of the top adventuring guilds in all of the Gris Republic. It enjoyed massive success, lavish parties and held properties and businesses throughout the republic. If there was an important mission to be taken, The Golden Pony could be counted on to see it through to the end. It may have been that same dedication that led to it’s downfall.


It all happened in one rainy night. The guild hall in flames with most of the membership killed or on the run. The guild leader vanished without a trace. In the days and months to come, the other guilds picked apart The Golden Pony like vultures picking at a carcass. The properties and businesses were auctioned off, burned to the ground or forced to close. The name of the Golden Pony was tarnished throughout the republic and just like that, The Golden Pony was no more.


The remaining members scattered to all the corners of Terra. They cut ties with their previous lives and attempted to form new lives out of the spotlight. Some settled down and made families, some went down darker paths but all would remember their days back at the Golden Pony and wonder. What happened?


Now, a new charter is up for grabs. All that is needed is the money, the numbers and the drive to make it work. Can you build a guild from the bottom and work your way back up to the top of society? What about that fateful night? What happened? Finally, does the urge for revenge still burn in your heart?

Griswulf: Gears and Glory

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