Griswulf: Gears and Glory

Faes POV 10/24/2016

Faes POV

Fae quickly lifted the gun up and shot the one sniper in the arm. The sniper fell down to his knees and screamed so much profanity I can’t even say. Kane immediately ripped his rifle out from behind his back (I have no idea how he did that with Fae laying on top of him.) and lifted it up and shot the same sniper through the leg. The sniper fell off the roof and onto the ground where he made a large THUMP and CRACK sound. The sound of every bone in his body shattering. He was most definitely dead. Marina yanked her gun out and shot at the second sniper, but missed terribly. The same sniper immediately shot and the bullet grazed over Marinas cheek. Marina yelped in pain. Fae quickly got up off of Kane and yelled, “SEE YA POPPINS’!” and ran towards freedom, just to be blocked by a bunch of bullets. Kane got up and yelled, “WHO ARE YOU GUYS!?” (Such question. Such wow.) The guys just gave him a sort of look. Kane then yelled “TIGERS OR RAZORS!?” (For real, Kane. For real.) “WHAT THE HELL MAN! YOU JUST BLEW THE RAZORS UP! WE’RE OBVIOUSLY TIGERS!!” The one sniper yelled. Marina dove for cover but a bullet hit where she wanted to hide. (She literally stopped mid dove, k.) " WE THOUGH YOU WERE RAZORS WHO JUST WENT OUT OR SOMETHING AND DIDN’T GET KILLED BY THE EXPLOSION!" Kane yelled back. Three others suddenly appeared. One of them was Casandra, the leader of the Tigers. The one sniper ran over to Casandra and said, “They thought we were Razors or something!” Casandra sighed then looked out to Fae, Marina and Kane. “You are NOT getting your cat… Or your drugs.” Casandra yelled to them. “Get out of our territory… And if you come back again, you will be killed.” Casandra finished. The one sniper guy then looked over the edge and said, “Damn! You killed Joesph!” Marina face palmed then turned and began to walk off. Kane walked after her and Fae was dead last to head out. On her way out, Fae walked over to Joesphs corpse and poked him with her boot. “Sorry bro.” She said then turned and walked after Marina and Kane.


I STILL seriously ship Fae and Kane. SERIOUSLY. I really, really want them to be together like: OMG SHIP! SHIP! SHIP!


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