Griswulf: Gears and Glory

Faes POV 10/31/2016

Faes POV

Fae, Kane, and Marina quickly left the gang territory and left for home. When they got home, Fae immediately went into the kitchen to find Raine. Raine sorta rubbed her face and looked up, obviously tired. “All work no fun?” Fae asked. Raine nodded and said, “Theres just so much work to be done. There is no time for fun.” Kane walked in after Fae. “Hello Kane.” Raine said. “Ah.. You should try getting in between two gangs and blowing the one gang up!” Fae exclaimed then turned and walked out cheerfully. Moments later Fae heard Kane yell, “FAEEE!!” Fae popped her head in, “Yes moopy?” she asked. Kane ignored it then said, “How ’bout you explain to Raine what happened?” Marina walked in after Fae now. “Well… Uh. Marina wanted drugs so-” Fae began to explain. “Drugs?” Raine interrupted. Raine and Kane got into some serious chat but Fae just sorta zoned out during it. (I forgot what happened sorry). Fae finally zoned back in to hear Kane say, “Well. We think we are near to finding the body of our missing person.” Calvin was in hearing distance and walked in and said, “Well you aren’t well updated. We found the body. Its in the basement.” Fae literally jumped up and ran towards the basement. Kane was right on her heels then made a quick move in front of the door to the basement. Kane gave Fae a glare then turned and walked over to the leathery skeleton. Fae walked after. Kane examined a knife that was in the skeletons belly. Fae looked at the skeleton then grabbed the heads jaw in one hand and the skull in the other and opened and closed its mouth, saying out loud, “Hi Kane! Gimme a kisssss-” she moved the skeleton towards Kane but it had different plans. The skulls jaw suddenly broke off and the skull itself broke away from the spine. Startled, Fae dropped the jaw and looked up just in time to see Kanes fist heading towards her. She dodged quickly then turned and ran out, screaming, “I’M GONNA PUT THIS IN MY ROOM!” Raine, Calvin, and Lewis (Who must’ve come after Fae left for the basement with Kane) were coming down the stairs. Fae simply weaved in between then and ran up stairs. Fae got a brilliant idea and went into Kanes room and grabbed one of his back-up helmets. She then went into the kitchen where Marina was sitting, eating a sandwich. Fae stuffed the skull into Kanes helmet then set it in the middle of the table as sort of a center piece. She then sat in Raines chair that was sitting, looking out to the doorway, and she steeped her fingers evilly. “KANEY! COME LOOOK!” She called. Moments later Kane walked into the room and stopped mid way. “That skull is in my helmet..” he said calmly. Kane pulled off his helmet. “Do you know how long it takes TO WASH IT!? AN HOUR!” he exclaimed. “Did you at least put it in there the right way? By unlocking it and not just jamming it in?” He asked. “Theres an unlock??” Fae asked. Kane face palmed. Suddenly, the skulls nose fell out from under the mask. “I’m never getting it out of there am I?” Kane asked himself. “Nooope.” Fae said cheerfully.

I still seriously ship Kane and Fae. runs


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