Griswulf: Gears and Glory

The Door in the Basement

in which a strange door is found

It seems that reminding them of their duties has really helped bring this group together or at least has kept them from randomly brawling again. I’m writing this from within my autocarriage on my way to a hotel. I will explain that in a moment.

I may have behaved out of character but, it seems that my lecture has made a connection with them. They immediately set about the business of figuring out what happened to Hugo Eribus. This interest is fortuitous as I suspect that learning his wearabouts could get us some needed leverage in the higher ranks of society.

Fae and Marina decided to go speak to Stella Birch. They learned that Stella and her brother had worked for Mr. Eribus for quite some time. He was a good employer who treated them with dignity and respect, if not fatherly love. Then, one day, he recieved a letter and immediately thereafter told Stella and her brother that they should not be there when he returned. That he didn’t want to see them ever again. He then stormed off to the Breadbasket. Stella said that she felt that whatever bothered Hugo Eribus so much, had something to do with his laboratory in the basement.

Miss Birch’s home was a meticulously organized place that smelled faintly of roses. There were painting supplies and paintings in various stages of completion. Marina was drawn to a particular piece that was covered by a blanket. The piece was of the city of Griswulf but, it was oddly dark. Though the clock tower in the painting clearly depicted that it was 7 o’clock, the sun was neither rising nor setting. The sun wasn’t there at all. The city was eerily dark and the painting itself seemed to exhude a strange sort of menace. Marina offered to buy the piece but Stella explained that she had dreamed of the painting and it bothered her. She was happy to be rid of the painting and gave it away to her.

Fae and Marina were followed by Kane though he didn’t interrupt, he merely watched.

Marina, Fae and Kane then returned to the guildhouse where they explained that there is something in the basement. Immediately, everyone went to the basement and began tracing bricks, looking at the floors and generally trying to figure out where this lab could be. At the bottom of the stairs, Calvin found a book of matches that were from the Breadbasket and had the address on the back. Eventually, they discovered a patch of brick that was newer than the surrounding brick. Joe picked at some of the mortar holding the bricks together and the whole false wall came tumbling down.

Behind the false wall was a large, iron security vault door.

This door was not to be trifled with. Joe assessed that it was built firmly into the floor, walls and ceilings. In fact, the door had been built into a load bearing wall. The wall couldn’t be taken down without causing the whole house to fall on their heads. Calvin came up to tell me that they were going to attempt to externally support the roof and then tear the wall down. Ever the politician, I suggested that they try searching for a key of some sort before they caused my investment to become worthless. I then packed my things and left.

Little did I know that they merely went to the back yard, cut down some grass and then returned to build up the external support. Sometimes, I feel like they are too excitable for their own good.

In the meantime, Fae and Marina had decided to strike out on their own again. They elected to travel to the Breadbasket to investigate further. There, Old Myra expressed her belief that Hugo Eribus was dead. She explained that he had come in once a week and order the same thing with incredible regularity. Then, he comes in one day angry and sullen. Suddenly, he isn’t seen again. She assumed that he’d been killed. Possibly killed on his way home where he passed by the Narrows.

Marina and Fae thought that it was a good idea to go to the Narrows and see what they could find there. Old Myra told them that it was a bad idea but, they didn’t pay any attention to her. Fae had become quite focused on acquiring a kitten.

They came upon a pair of young toughs in a turf dispute involving graffiti and an old, dried up fountain. It seems that the Tigers and the Razors both wanted this particular fountain. Fae took it upon herself to resolve the conflict by spray painting a heart over both gangs names. This didn’t go over so well with the confused and angry Tiger gang member. He threw the can at Fae in retaliation. He missed and then came at her wildly with a knife. He was dispatched swiftly by Marina’s devastating punch to the face.

They continued wandering until they were called into an alleyway. There, an overwhelming force of Razors had a job offer to the two women. If Marina and Fae would “send a message” telling the leader of the Tigers to get out of town, the Razors would be quite pleased. The women asked for Drugs, a kitten and weapons. The Razors agreed to figure it out afterward. The women agreed and set off to the Tigers gang. They made their way to an old abandoned fish market.

I have to go right now, I’m curious as to whether my guildhouse is still standing. I will write more when I can.


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