Griswulf: Gears and Glory

The early morning rumble

In which food and wood cause fists to fly

These people are animals!

I slept in after my late night negotiations. I suppose that I could blame myself but, these men and women are adults and should know better! I heard tales about the rowdiness of the Golden Pony but honestly, the sight that I came upon this morning was horrendous. Fae was on the ground holding her face, bleeding just below the eye. Kane was looking about like some wild thing. Joe and Louis standing there like the cat that ate the canary. Why, I believe Joe was wielding a pickax and a saw as if they were weapons!

Supposedly, this all started over lumber.

Last night, after I left, Joe and Fae decided that they needed supplies to repair the roof. Rather than wait until the morning like any normal person, Joe and Fae went to the Labor Union warehouse and simply helped themselves. I guess they cut and stacked the wood right there. Supposedly, Joe even conversed with a guard. Certainly, Joe is someone to watch carefully. None the less, he and Fae then returned to the guildhall with the wood.

In the morning, Kane awoke first, saw the wood and must have began fuming then. Louis came downstairs and treated Kane to breakfast whereupon Louis told Kane that Joe and Fae had stolen the wood. It had previously occurred to me that Kane held a grudge against Joe and I guess the issue of the stolen wood was enough to have him lose his temper.

He returned to the guildhall, stomped into the kitchen and demanded to know why Fae and Joe had stolen the wood. Joe was upstairs working on the roof so, Fae was alone. Rather than answer, she threw her food at Kane. It hit him square in the face. Fae tried to run upstairs but was intercepted by Kane who slammed her to the ground and pinned her. He fiercely punched her with no thought to chivilry nor manner. Eventually, the commotion summoned Joe who lept into the fray. He attemped to bat Kane with the handle end of his pickax but missed.

At this point, Louis returned to the guildhall. Confounded by the events unfolding, the brawl continued until there was a knock at the door. Stella Birch had come calling as she was requested. Yet when she opened the door, her eyes fall upon a house in disrepair and animosity all around. It’s no wonder that she was scared away! The poor girl must have been terrified.

When I crossed her on my way to the guildhall, she was staring at the ground fiercely. As if she were trying to avoid being seen by seeing nothing. That was when I entered the guildhall and beheld the insanity that had befallen.

Bits of food on the floor. Blood on Fae’s face. With Kane still itching to fight. I’m afraid to say that I lost my own composure and scolded them like great big children. Surely, that is what they were presenting themselves as! I reminded Kane of his position as a man of honor and nobility. He is to be the tactical and military leader of these men and women. Not some drunken thug looking for a brawl. Furthermore, I prompted Joe and Fae to recall that we all have a mission that we intend to complete here. Respectability is paramount. Common criminals we are not.

I think that maybe tonight, we shall dine together. I may take them to a first-rate restaurant to remind them of the life that they once had and may have once again. I only wish that I could have them accompany me to a ball. That could even make this faster. No matter, it is integral that the Bronze Star climb to the highest strata of society. These people need their vengance. It’s lack has brought them lower than I had even believed.


I forgot about posting a POV yesterday. I’ll try to get it done tomorrow. I had done like half of it then accidentally closed the tab and lost the progress.

The early morning rumble
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