Griswulf: Gears and Glory

The Adventure Begins
In which old friends and rivals meet again

It was fall when the letters arrived. Each letter was simple enough to get to the point but, vague enough to keep interest. The wording was slightly different from letter to letter but the general idea was the same. “I believe that your old guild, The Golden Pony was the victim of foul play. Meet with me and we will create something better. We will also get revenge on those who are responsible.”

The appointed day, they arrived and we had supper. The questions were many. They were not used to trusting so, I told them as much of the truth as I could. I explained to them what was at stake and told them what we need to accomplish. We need to make this guild matter. What I didn’t tell them was that they were bait.

I intend to make this guild stand out so much that the previous enemy will feel forced to attack. Only then can we be sure that they will show themselves. Only then can we trap them. I hope that they do not mind my deception. I hope that things go according to my plan. We will just have to see.


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