Economic Guilds

These are guilds that focus on providing goods and services in a direct and for-profit manner. These groups hold economic goals as their most important goals and all their actions will revolve around accomplishing their economic goals.

General Mechanics

The Republic’s largest arms and equipment manufacturer. Often General Mechanics is more obsessed with researching whatever the newest technology than actually making their established technology efficient and profitable.

Republic Heating and Power

They are the Republic’s biggest and most profitable energy provider. They power most of the homes throughout the entire republic. Often times, their focus on profit makes them loose sight of everything else.

Sylvanian Cooperative

A cult-like farming cooperative that operates throughout the republic. Its urban farming initiatives get deep under the skin of the other guilds.

Social Groups

Social groups are groups that unite around social or political goals. These groups may be adventuring guilds, they may be political movements or even anarchistic apolitical parties. They tend to be interested in accomplishing social goals.

The Ershrud Family

An insular mafia-like family involved in all manner of illicit activities. The biggest secret of the Ershrud family is that with this family, death just means new responsibilities.

The Revolutionary Party

When the Labor union was discovered to be in the pockets of the other guilds, quite a few members became very angry and formed the Revolutionary Party. The revolutionary party is a gathering of angry workers who feel wronged by the system.

The Artist’s Collective

A group of artists, entertainers, musicians and all manner of other creative types who come together for better representation in their government. More than anything, they wish for their contribution to society to be respected and taken seriously.

Religious Organizations

Religious organizations are all about service to their particular god or philosophy. To that end, they will attempt to achieve their goals using the belief of the people.

Redeemers of the broken

The redeemers of the broken are barely recognized and like it that way. They are a loose group of people who seek redemption. Inspired by the goddess Anastasia, they defend the defenseless and stand up for the downtrodden.

Church of Twilight

Often known as the church of secrets and favors, the church of twilight is a secretive organization that trades in favors and hidden information. The stated goal of the church is to know everything. For many of the other groups, that is terrifying.


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