Magical Skills

Summoning is a magic whereby the practitioner draws a spirit from one of the planes to aid him or her. The spirit is bound by contract to the practitioner. If the practitioner fails to uphold his or her end of the contract, the connection is broken and the spirit may no longer answer the call.

Elementalism is the focused study of the classical elements with the intention of invoking their power through the application of magic. Elementalists specialize in one particular element and often ignore the others.

The 3 Paths
In the kingdom of A’kashai and the surrounding lands, there was born a tradition of magical techniques that seek to internalize magical effects rather than externalize them. Some of the monks who practiced those techniques traveled the world attempting to both master their chosen technique and evangelize the technique to the uninitiated.

This is the process of gaining information through magical means. This may be finding someone who prefers not to be found or seeing when someone will die. The magic is powerful and it’s practitioners are often deeply troubled by the information that they now have.


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