Humans are the most populous race in Terra. They look very similar to Humans on earth. They tend to favor independence and individuality rather than aligning with others of the same race. They have fairly short lifespans and many of the other races tend to see them as “rushing” around all the time. Humans have an innate need to understand the world around them. As such, they tend to spend more time trying to “figure things out” than the other races.

Racial Bonus The hunch +2 to investigation when trying to understand things or gather information.


Olephemi are tall, thin people with soft features. Their skin ranges from a pale blue tinge to a light blue while their eyes tend to be shades of pinks and purples. Their white hair is often kept long although short styles are not out of the question. Most Olephemi are convinced of their culture and race’s superiority on a certain level. They tend to view other cultures as second to theirs. The Olephemi are remarkably intelligent and take to social situations with ease.

Racial Bonus Aura of Command Olephemi are so used to being in charge that other people tend to fall in line. Add a +2 to convince someone to do as the Olephemi says.


The elves were once treated like gutter trash and some even found themselves hunted for sport. Half-elves were rare during this time and many didn’t even know that it was possible for humans and elves to bear children. Now, the Elven race has been returning to the fore and are no longer treated the way that they once were. As such, half-elves are beginning to be seen more often. These half elves find themselves in a strange place between the commonness of their human parent and the rareness of their elf parent. Half-elves often seem singled out by fate.

Racial Bonus Singled out by Fate Increase refresh by 1


The long lived elves have been through much in the history of Terra. They went from having a powerful empire of their own to being hated and enslaved and now they are returning to their rightful place as equal to any other race. Elves tend to have sharp features and pointed ears. They are born with a powerful connection to mana and most are capable of spellcraft. Elves often still face discrimination but the 3 decades since the fall of the Uzarelli empire have been kind to them. They are still rare and tend to try to blend into human cultures but, some have begun wanting to reconnect to their ancient past. Only time will tell what comes of the Elven people.

Racial Bonus Magical Affinity The Elf has a deep connection to the mana that flows through the world. As such, they get a +2 to rolls for casting spells.


The stories say that Deimos are the offspring of demons. With their imposing height, horns growing from their foreheads and strength, there may be truth to the tale. That isn’t all there is though. Deimos believe deeply in respect. They feel that respect and one’s word are the most important things in the world. This belief in respect is held despite the well known temper that most deimos have.

Racial Bonus Extreme Fortitude The Deimos is able to shrug off what would stop any of the other races. The Deimos has one extra mild consequence.


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