The history of Terra

There are few artifacts or proper written records of the before time so most of it is a matter of faith. The First Age was a time when all people were able command the spirits and bend reality to their will. When the first age ended, the people had to work hard in order to make their way in Terra. Nations rose and fell as time passed until the Emperor was born. He conquered the kingdom of Uzarel and eventually made it into a worldwide empire.

The Age of Ashes is what we call the time when the Uzarelli Empire made war with the whole rest of the world. Enormous amounts of history and culture were lost as the empire brought war to all corners of the world. This war came to a head when the people of Gris used an airship with a superweapon called “The Invincible” against Chrystalis, capital of the nation of elves. The magical fallout of that attack unleashed an invasion from the void. Setting off The Shadow War

After the shadow war was a time of peace. During this time, the Elves, were viciously persecuted as it was believed that they were the ones who summoned the things from the void. The Glorious Revolution was when the people of Uzarel and the other 6 kingdoms stood up against their government and the empire fell. All would have been for nothing if the emperor still lived. He was exposed as having turned himself into some kind of immortal monster and openly crushed the opposition that came for him. Until an old elf named Melei called him out and battled him openly in the street. In full view of the people, their tyrant was beaten by an elf woman.

The Empire broke apart and a new peace took hold. Unfortunately, the peace would not be long lived. It was cut short by The Elohim Invasion. During the invasion, strange winged beings from beyond Terra invaded in an attempt to consume all of the magic that makes up the world. If they would have succeeded, the world would have ended. Luckily the Dragon of Earth, last of the dragons, foresaw their coming. The Dragon of the Earth, Melei, 3 ascended mortals and a group of people who were from a different world came together to work with the world’s military forces and repel the invaders.

Now, a new age has dawned upon Terra. As the trade of ideas, magic and technology flow across the world, the people of Terra are becoming more connected. Many people are calling this the age of hope. The Modern Age is one where old magic and new technologies are combining and mixing in all new and exciting ways. It is a time of shadowy intrigue, political maneuvering and high adventure. What does the modern age hold?

The history of Terra

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