Griswulf: Gears and Glory

8/16/2016, Fae Tarlions P.O.V.

Faes POV

Fae watched as everyone spread out, looking for rooms and bunks. I sat there a moment then wandered around, looking for a spot of my own. I walked into the kitchen to see a perfect spot near the oven and the backdoor. Perfect in case one of the other guys attempt to kill me. That look at Kane
I looked around to see that everyone had already claimed cushions, pillows, blankets, etc. I was about to give up looking for bed items when I heard a “BANG” sound. I poked my head into a room to see that Kane had literally destroyed one of the desks. I saw everyone come in except Joe who was still in the attic. I heard Byron say, “What are these things? Should we call Joe?” Kane immediately said, “No!” Joe immediately raced downstairs and yelled “I INVITE MYSELF!!”
I remembered seeing some old blankets upstairs so I quickly snuck around the group and upstairs and grabs one of the old blankets and raced back to the kitchen. I sat the blanket down in the corner then took a few steps back, picturing it with my fingers. “Hm. This.. This is going to be very uncomfortable…” I poked my head back into the other room to see Calvin, Kane and Byron leaving. Joe goes back upstairs. I spot the pack of cushions that Kane had been stacking up for his bed. I ran over and snatched one and ran back to the kitchen and sat it down as my pillow. “Ah. Better… To bad Calvin and Byron didn’t have maybe a mattress or something or I would so have stolen those also. STEAL FROM THE WHOLE GROUP! MAKES SENSE!!” I then heard Joe come into the kitchen and I turned. He said, “Uh. OK. Anyways, I need your help to get some wood for the attic.” I nodded and said, “O-OK. I can do that!” And so we left to steal the wood. On the way out of the house, I snatched another of Kanes cushions. I just did it to agitate him. Me and Joe got to the Labor Union and were cutting some wood and stacking them in a cart when we saw a flash light. “Why are you guys here so early?” I heard someone call. Panicking, I grabbed a hammer but before I could run over and attack, Joe said, “Take the cart and go home. I’ll take care of him.” I nodded and quickly pushed the cart out. But before I left, I poked my head in to see that Joe and the Security Guard chatting. It seemed to be going well.. And then the security guard left. Relieved, I pushed the cart back towards home. Thats when I saw Calvin and Byron. Byron gave me a look then said, “That wood looks like poison oak.” I shook my head, knowing he was lying and said, “I know it isn’t poison oak.” Byron sighed then said, “We aren’t keeping stolen lumber! You will ruin the Bronze Stars name before it is ever established!” I stepped forward, getting in Byrons face and I said, raising my hammer, “Oh really?” Calvin ran over and pushed us apart and said quickly, “Guys, guys… Calm down.. Byron, the lumber is just… graciously borrowed.” Byron gave up and said, “Fine but no more stealing from now on..” And so I picked up wood, one by one, putting it in the attic for Joe. Joe finally came back, right as I finished putting the wood up in the attic. The strange thing is, he came out of a bush, right as I finished up… Oh well, Joe wouldn’t hide and wait for me to finish working just so he didn’t have to help.. Right?


Ahahaha. This is going to be fun.

8/16/2016, Fae Tarlions P.O.V.

You got Calvin and Byron mixed up at the end there. Byron was trying to stop you from bringing the stolen lumber. Other than that, I really enjoy seeing things from her point of view.

8/16/2016, Fae Tarlions P.O.V.
miguelp001 Untrustworthy

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