Griswulf: Gears and Glory

9/12/2016, Faes POV

Faes POV

Fae woke early to find herself choking on her hair. She pulled her hair out of her mouth and sat up. She shivered a bit due to the cold air coming in through the crack in the window of the back door. She stood and brushed her clothes off from the crumbs of the biscuits she had stolen from Lewis (Byron) and Kane. She walked out to the living room, noticing that Lewis and Kane had left due to their shoes missing from the front door. She crept upstairs and poked her head into the attic to see Joe still asleep. A idea popped into her head and she slipped back downstairs and into the kitchen where she grabbed 2 pans and a spoon. She stuffed the spoon in her pocket then went back upstairs. She poked her head up just slightly then threw the pans like ninja stars. “BOOONG!” Joe sprawled as the pans hit his back. Joe looked over and said in the weirdest, tiredest voice ever, “WHAUDUDATFUR!” He grabbed a pan and chucked it at her but she dodged quickly. She grabbed the spoon from her pocket and threw it at him, it bonking off his forehead. “bonk”.
Joe was up now. :D
After Joe raged a bit, they decided to get to work on the attic with the wood they “got from charity from themselves” and got to fixing the attic. A while later.. “I’m going to go make breakfast now.” Amber said and turned and walked downstairs. Joe called after, “See if theres any ham! And if there is, gimme it all. You get none because you threw pans at me!” Amber went into the kitchen to find ham and eggs in a cupboard. She cooked it up and put them all on plates when she heard the door behind her open. She turned to see Kane standing behind her looking like the grump he was. “YOU! YOU STOLE THAT WOOD!” Amber raised her eyebrows then said, “You’re just now noticing that?” Kane took a step towards her and she decided, ‘heck why don’t I?’ and threw one of the plates right into Kanes face. She made a run for it, dropping the other plate. She made it towards the stairs when Kane body slammed her. “OOGH!” she fell straight down as if a elephant had hit her. She struggled and Kane punched her in the eye. “!!” screamed Amber and she flailed her legs about. Thats when Joe came downstairs with his Pickaxe and Saw. Did I mention he had a SAW?! SAAAAAW!!!! :D
Joe yelled at us, “WHAT THE FLIPPIN’ FISH ARE YOU DOING!?” he ran downstairs and attempted to butt the end of his pickaxe into Kanes mouth. Kane dodged, getting off me. I scrambled away. Thats when Lewis came in like Hades. ;3
WHAT THE HURGHFH ARE YOU DOING!?” he pushed Joe back. That is also when we hear a knock at the door. I look over to see a teenager standing there. She looked like a teen but she was a elf (duh the ears) and could’ve been any age. She had mousey features and a scared expression. She then asked, “Y-You sent me a note saying you had info?” (The rest I forgot because it was sorta a blur) The elf girl left and as soon as she left, Raine came. Raine looked us all up and down then said, pointing after the girl.. “What was that all about? And what the hell has happened to you, Amber? Ok ok, why- Wha-.. Explain.” While Lewis was explaining, I slipped into the kitchen and tended to my black eye.

The end for now. I added a bit and forgot a bit. Srry. ;3


Btw, Srry about leaving class early. I was just tired and was sorta out of it. I had fun, though. :D

9/12/2016, Faes POV

Don’t stress it. I was just wondering if you were okay. I posted Rayne’s next entry. I find it hilarious that you keep calling your character Amber.

9/12/2016, Faes POV
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