Griswulf: Gears and Glory

Faes POV 10/11/2016

(Sorry I missed a few weeks.)

Fae and Marena were now both standing after their little (Yes I say little) fight. “Are you OK?” Marena asks. “Yeah. I’m fine.” Fae says back. They both turn and walk back to where they were standing. The man Fae was going to attack (Because the man looked like her father.) whispered to another man.. Fae was going to go listen in when (Whats her face.) and Joesph (if thats his name) came out from somewhere. Joesph was holding a black bag. Joesph handed us the bag and (Whats her face) left. Joesph then said, “A bomb is inside here..” Joesph unzipped the bag to show quite a bit of money. “The money is hiding the bomb. If the Razors don’t look to deeply into it then you’re fine. Just take it to the Razors.. Then leave. We have someone watching so that when you’re out of there, they’ll detonate the bomb.” Fae nodded then asked, “But what about our cat?” Joesph sighed then said, “If you do the job right, we’ll get you a cat.” Fae wiggled happily then said, “Okie Dokie.” Joesph rolled his eyes then turned walked a bit away then blew his whistle. A lot of people came over to him and they were all whispering. Joesph pointed different ways. Fae just turned on her heel and walked out with the heavy bag with the money and the bomb. Fae was approaching the Razors hideout when she spotted something in the corner of her eye. She looked over to see Kane. She pulls out on of her hands from the heavy bag and waves, yelling, “HI KANEYYYYY!” Kane looks over and just sort of shakes his head and he runs over. “WHERE WERE YOU?” Kane asked (Pretty angrily). “Ah. Well. I can’t really tell you but I can tell you one thing… We’re getting a cat!” Fae said proudly. Kane just sort of looked at her then said, “WHERE. WERE. YOU.” He then looked down to the bag Fae was holding then said, “Whats inside the bag, Fae?” Fae then said, “Oh. A bomb. :D” Kane just sort of looked at the bag then to her. “What.. Are you doing.. With a BOMB?” He asks in a harsh whisper. “I’m going to go blow up bad people.. Gang peeps. Ya’ know?” Kanes fingers just sort of twitched. Fae then was blinded by some sort of light. She looks up to see someone waving from a roof top then pointing to the hide out. Kane then looked up but saw no one.. Kane then pulled of his helmet/mask/thing and gave her a look of both anger and excitement. He sighed then said, “Cmon. Lets just get this over with.” And he pulled his helmetmaskthingy on again. (Faes first time really ever seeing Kanes face out of his mask. K I’m shipping now. DANGIT ZACH.) (I don’t know why he even pulled his mask/helm/thing off in the first place to be honest.) Fae nodded then turned and walked over to the hide out. She then slammed the door open and yelled, “WE DID IT! :D” There were about 11 or so thugs in there, most of them armed. One of them came over and pulled them in. The guy then noticed Kane (Who wasn’t with her before.) come in. “Who’s this guy?” The gang thug asks. “Hes my drug dealer!” Fae said quickly. Kane just sort of shook his head then said, “No no. I’m her weapons dealer…” The gang member just sort of sighed then said, “Why is he here?” “Uh. I have to keep her out of trouble..” Kane said. The gang members eye twitched just slightly then said, “Put your weapons down.” Fae then said, “Put your weapons down too and then no one can hurt anyone.” The gang member had enough then said harsher, “PUT. YOUR WEAPONS. DOWN.” Kane then suddenly grabbed the bag out of Faes hands and threw it at the other gang members then turn and dove out of the door. Marena followed. (We were tempted to have ‘accidentally’ left her in there with the gang members and the bomb.) Fae, Kane, and Marena were now running fast down the street. Marena, who was the tallest of them all, was way ahead. Fae then began to wave and run. Kane then yelled, “WHO ARE YOU WAVING AT!?” “THE DETONATE-” Suddenly, “BOOOOOOOOM!” Kane and Fae were thrown back. Fae fell onto Kane. (She may have done that on purpose.. Zach was totally shipping Fae and Kane after that…) Marena who was out of the blast zone had already ran far away. Fae shook her head, dazed. She looked up to see multiple people on the roof tops.. All pointing guns at her and Kane. Kane noticed them also and handed her a pistol. “Shoot them..” Kane said quickly. Fae immediately raised her gun and aimed.

End o’ chapter.

Sorry I missed a few weeks. I just lost track.

I now ship Fae and Kane. And I ship Joe and Stella. K.


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