Griswulf: Gears and Glory


The guild has fallen. Fae and Kane gone missing, most likely dead…
Lewis is most definitely dead… I have no idea where Marina, Raine or the others went either.
The only two left of the original guild is Joe.. and the son of Fae and Kane, Frazier.

What happened?

Kane finally accepted

After the long- Wait. That void monster only lasted like, 30 minutes. Pfffffft…. Well. After a ‘long’ battle against the void monster, and with like, a ton of help from 3 gods, the monster was defeated and sent back to its realm of darkness. Fae did all the work, for real. ;)

2 Weeks later

Fae takes up therapy for her “insanity” and also takes some magic classes with Kane. She won’t stop flirting with him.. (hehe) She after decided to go travel as a actress and fame-up then came back and joined in with the guild once again, making their name greater. (She does all the work around here! Sheeeeeesh! ;D)
Kane seemed happy that she was back but who can tell when it comes to that old guy in a helmet.

After long, long, LONG flirting with Kane, they finally became officially dating.

Kane and Fae did get married after some time.



Who knows what’ll happen next?

Faes POV 10/31/2016
Faes POV

Fae, Kane, and Marina quickly left the gang territory and left for home. When they got home, Fae immediately went into the kitchen to find Raine. Raine sorta rubbed her face and looked up, obviously tired. “All work no fun?” Fae asked. Raine nodded and said, “Theres just so much work to be done. There is no time for fun.” Kane walked in after Fae. “Hello Kane.” Raine said. “Ah.. You should try getting in between two gangs and blowing the one gang up!” Fae exclaimed then turned and walked out cheerfully. Moments later Fae heard Kane yell, “FAEEE!!” Fae popped her head in, “Yes moopy?” she asked. Kane ignored it then said, “How ’bout you explain to Raine what happened?” Marina walked in after Fae now. “Well… Uh. Marina wanted drugs so-” Fae began to explain. “Drugs?” Raine interrupted. Raine and Kane got into some serious chat but Fae just sorta zoned out during it. (I forgot what happened sorry). Fae finally zoned back in to hear Kane say, “Well. We think we are near to finding the body of our missing person.” Calvin was in hearing distance and walked in and said, “Well you aren’t well updated. We found the body. Its in the basement.” Fae literally jumped up and ran towards the basement. Kane was right on her heels then made a quick move in front of the door to the basement. Kane gave Fae a glare then turned and walked over to the leathery skeleton. Fae walked after. Kane examined a knife that was in the skeletons belly. Fae looked at the skeleton then grabbed the heads jaw in one hand and the skull in the other and opened and closed its mouth, saying out loud, “Hi Kane! Gimme a kisssss-” she moved the skeleton towards Kane but it had different plans. The skulls jaw suddenly broke off and the skull itself broke away from the spine. Startled, Fae dropped the jaw and looked up just in time to see Kanes fist heading towards her. She dodged quickly then turned and ran out, screaming, “I’M GONNA PUT THIS IN MY ROOM!” Raine, Calvin, and Lewis (Who must’ve come after Fae left for the basement with Kane) were coming down the stairs. Fae simply weaved in between then and ran up stairs. Fae got a brilliant idea and went into Kanes room and grabbed one of his back-up helmets. She then went into the kitchen where Marina was sitting, eating a sandwich. Fae stuffed the skull into Kanes helmet then set it in the middle of the table as sort of a center piece. She then sat in Raines chair that was sitting, looking out to the doorway, and she steeped her fingers evilly. “KANEY! COME LOOOK!” She called. Moments later Kane walked into the room and stopped mid way. “That skull is in my helmet..” he said calmly. Kane pulled off his helmet. “Do you know how long it takes TO WASH IT!? AN HOUR!” he exclaimed. “Did you at least put it in there the right way? By unlocking it and not just jamming it in?” He asked. “Theres an unlock??” Fae asked. Kane face palmed. Suddenly, the skulls nose fell out from under the mask. “I’m never getting it out of there am I?” Kane asked himself. “Nooope.” Fae said cheerfully.

I still seriously ship Kane and Fae. runs

Faes POV 10/24/2016
Faes POV

Fae quickly lifted the gun up and shot the one sniper in the arm. The sniper fell down to his knees and screamed so much profanity I can’t even say. Kane immediately ripped his rifle out from behind his back (I have no idea how he did that with Fae laying on top of him.) and lifted it up and shot the same sniper through the leg. The sniper fell off the roof and onto the ground where he made a large THUMP and CRACK sound. The sound of every bone in his body shattering. He was most definitely dead. Marina yanked her gun out and shot at the second sniper, but missed terribly. The same sniper immediately shot and the bullet grazed over Marinas cheek. Marina yelped in pain. Fae quickly got up off of Kane and yelled, “SEE YA POPPINS’!” and ran towards freedom, just to be blocked by a bunch of bullets. Kane got up and yelled, “WHO ARE YOU GUYS!?” (Such question. Such wow.) The guys just gave him a sort of look. Kane then yelled “TIGERS OR RAZORS!?” (For real, Kane. For real.) “WHAT THE HELL MAN! YOU JUST BLEW THE RAZORS UP! WE’RE OBVIOUSLY TIGERS!!” The one sniper yelled. Marina dove for cover but a bullet hit where she wanted to hide. (She literally stopped mid dove, k.) " WE THOUGH YOU WERE RAZORS WHO JUST WENT OUT OR SOMETHING AND DIDN’T GET KILLED BY THE EXPLOSION!" Kane yelled back. Three others suddenly appeared. One of them was Casandra, the leader of the Tigers. The one sniper ran over to Casandra and said, “They thought we were Razors or something!” Casandra sighed then looked out to Fae, Marina and Kane. “You are NOT getting your cat… Or your drugs.” Casandra yelled to them. “Get out of our territory… And if you come back again, you will be killed.” Casandra finished. The one sniper guy then looked over the edge and said, “Damn! You killed Joesph!” Marina face palmed then turned and began to walk off. Kane walked after her and Fae was dead last to head out. On her way out, Fae walked over to Joesphs corpse and poked him with her boot. “Sorry bro.” She said then turned and walked after Marina and Kane.


I STILL seriously ship Fae and Kane. SERIOUSLY. I really, really want them to be together like: OMG SHIP! SHIP! SHIP!

Faes POV 10/11/2016
(Sorry I missed a few weeks.)

Fae and Marena were now both standing after their little (Yes I say little) fight. “Are you OK?” Marena asks. “Yeah. I’m fine.” Fae says back. They both turn and walk back to where they were standing. The man Fae was going to attack (Because the man looked like her father.) whispered to another man.. Fae was going to go listen in when (Whats her face.) and Joesph (if thats his name) came out from somewhere. Joesph was holding a black bag. Joesph handed us the bag and (Whats her face) left. Joesph then said, “A bomb is inside here..” Joesph unzipped the bag to show quite a bit of money. “The money is hiding the bomb. If the Razors don’t look to deeply into it then you’re fine. Just take it to the Razors.. Then leave. We have someone watching so that when you’re out of there, they’ll detonate the bomb.” Fae nodded then asked, “But what about our cat?” Joesph sighed then said, “If you do the job right, we’ll get you a cat.” Fae wiggled happily then said, “Okie Dokie.” Joesph rolled his eyes then turned walked a bit away then blew his whistle. A lot of people came over to him and they were all whispering. Joesph pointed different ways. Fae just turned on her heel and walked out with the heavy bag with the money and the bomb. Fae was approaching the Razors hideout when she spotted something in the corner of her eye. She looked over to see Kane. She pulls out on of her hands from the heavy bag and waves, yelling, “HI KANEYYYYY!” Kane looks over and just sort of shakes his head and he runs over. “WHERE WERE YOU?” Kane asked (Pretty angrily). “Ah. Well. I can’t really tell you but I can tell you one thing… We’re getting a cat!” Fae said proudly. Kane just sort of looked at her then said, “WHERE. WERE. YOU.” He then looked down to the bag Fae was holding then said, “Whats inside the bag, Fae?” Fae then said, “Oh. A bomb. :D” Kane just sort of looked at the bag then to her. “What.. Are you doing.. With a BOMB?” He asks in a harsh whisper. “I’m going to go blow up bad people.. Gang peeps. Ya’ know?” Kanes fingers just sort of twitched. Fae then was blinded by some sort of light. She looks up to see someone waving from a roof top then pointing to the hide out. Kane then looked up but saw no one.. Kane then pulled of his helmet/mask/thing and gave her a look of both anger and excitement. He sighed then said, “Cmon. Lets just get this over with.” And he pulled his helmetmaskthingy on again. (Faes first time really ever seeing Kanes face out of his mask. K I’m shipping now. DANGIT ZACH.) (I don’t know why he even pulled his mask/helm/thing off in the first place to be honest.) Fae nodded then turned and walked over to the hide out. She then slammed the door open and yelled, “WE DID IT! :D” There were about 11 or so thugs in there, most of them armed. One of them came over and pulled them in. The guy then noticed Kane (Who wasn’t with her before.) come in. “Who’s this guy?” The gang thug asks. “Hes my drug dealer!” Fae said quickly. Kane just sort of shook his head then said, “No no. I’m her weapons dealer…” The gang member just sort of sighed then said, “Why is he here?” “Uh. I have to keep her out of trouble..” Kane said. The gang members eye twitched just slightly then said, “Put your weapons down.” Fae then said, “Put your weapons down too and then no one can hurt anyone.” The gang member had enough then said harsher, “PUT. YOUR WEAPONS. DOWN.” Kane then suddenly grabbed the bag out of Faes hands and threw it at the other gang members then turn and dove out of the door. Marena followed. (We were tempted to have ‘accidentally’ left her in there with the gang members and the bomb.) Fae, Kane, and Marena were now running fast down the street. Marena, who was the tallest of them all, was way ahead. Fae then began to wave and run. Kane then yelled, “WHO ARE YOU WAVING AT!?” “THE DETONATE-” Suddenly, “BOOOOOOOOM!” Kane and Fae were thrown back. Fae fell onto Kane. (She may have done that on purpose.. Zach was totally shipping Fae and Kane after that…) Marena who was out of the blast zone had already ran far away. Fae shook her head, dazed. She looked up to see multiple people on the roof tops.. All pointing guns at her and Kane. Kane noticed them also and handed her a pistol. “Shoot them..” Kane said quickly. Fae immediately raised her gun and aimed.

End o’ chapter.

Sorry I missed a few weeks. I just lost track.

I now ship Fae and Kane. And I ship Joe and Stella. K.

The Door in the Basement
in which a strange door is found

It seems that reminding them of their duties has really helped bring this group together or at least has kept them from randomly brawling again. I’m writing this from within my autocarriage on my way to a hotel. I will explain that in a moment.

I may have behaved out of character but, it seems that my lecture has made a connection with them. They immediately set about the business of figuring out what happened to Hugo Eribus. This interest is fortuitous as I suspect that learning his wearabouts could get us some needed leverage in the higher ranks of society.

Fae and Marina decided to go speak to Stella Birch. They learned that Stella and her brother had worked for Mr. Eribus for quite some time. He was a good employer who treated them with dignity and respect, if not fatherly love. Then, one day, he recieved a letter and immediately thereafter told Stella and her brother that they should not be there when he returned. That he didn’t want to see them ever again. He then stormed off to the Breadbasket. Stella said that she felt that whatever bothered Hugo Eribus so much, had something to do with his laboratory in the basement.

Miss Birch’s home was a meticulously organized place that smelled faintly of roses. There were painting supplies and paintings in various stages of completion. Marina was drawn to a particular piece that was covered by a blanket. The piece was of the city of Griswulf but, it was oddly dark. Though the clock tower in the painting clearly depicted that it was 7 o’clock, the sun was neither rising nor setting. The sun wasn’t there at all. The city was eerily dark and the painting itself seemed to exhude a strange sort of menace. Marina offered to buy the piece but Stella explained that she had dreamed of the painting and it bothered her. She was happy to be rid of the painting and gave it away to her.

Fae and Marina were followed by Kane though he didn’t interrupt, he merely watched.

Marina, Fae and Kane then returned to the guildhouse where they explained that there is something in the basement. Immediately, everyone went to the basement and began tracing bricks, looking at the floors and generally trying to figure out where this lab could be. At the bottom of the stairs, Calvin found a book of matches that were from the Breadbasket and had the address on the back. Eventually, they discovered a patch of brick that was newer than the surrounding brick. Joe picked at some of the mortar holding the bricks together and the whole false wall came tumbling down.

Behind the false wall was a large, iron security vault door.

This door was not to be trifled with. Joe assessed that it was built firmly into the floor, walls and ceilings. In fact, the door had been built into a load bearing wall. The wall couldn’t be taken down without causing the whole house to fall on their heads. Calvin came up to tell me that they were going to attempt to externally support the roof and then tear the wall down. Ever the politician, I suggested that they try searching for a key of some sort before they caused my investment to become worthless. I then packed my things and left.

Little did I know that they merely went to the back yard, cut down some grass and then returned to build up the external support. Sometimes, I feel like they are too excitable for their own good.

In the meantime, Fae and Marina had decided to strike out on their own again. They elected to travel to the Breadbasket to investigate further. There, Old Myra expressed her belief that Hugo Eribus was dead. She explained that he had come in once a week and order the same thing with incredible regularity. Then, he comes in one day angry and sullen. Suddenly, he isn’t seen again. She assumed that he’d been killed. Possibly killed on his way home where he passed by the Narrows.

Marina and Fae thought that it was a good idea to go to the Narrows and see what they could find there. Old Myra told them that it was a bad idea but, they didn’t pay any attention to her. Fae had become quite focused on acquiring a kitten.

They came upon a pair of young toughs in a turf dispute involving graffiti and an old, dried up fountain. It seems that the Tigers and the Razors both wanted this particular fountain. Fae took it upon herself to resolve the conflict by spray painting a heart over both gangs names. This didn’t go over so well with the confused and angry Tiger gang member. He threw the can at Fae in retaliation. He missed and then came at her wildly with a knife. He was dispatched swiftly by Marina’s devastating punch to the face.

They continued wandering until they were called into an alleyway. There, an overwhelming force of Razors had a job offer to the two women. If Marina and Fae would “send a message” telling the leader of the Tigers to get out of town, the Razors would be quite pleased. The women asked for Drugs, a kitten and weapons. The Razors agreed to figure it out afterward. The women agreed and set off to the Tigers gang. They made their way to an old abandoned fish market.

I have to go right now, I’m curious as to whether my guildhouse is still standing. I will write more when I can.

The early morning rumble
In which food and wood cause fists to fly

These people are animals!

I slept in after my late night negotiations. I suppose that I could blame myself but, these men and women are adults and should know better! I heard tales about the rowdiness of the Golden Pony but honestly, the sight that I came upon this morning was horrendous. Fae was on the ground holding her face, bleeding just below the eye. Kane was looking about like some wild thing. Joe and Louis standing there like the cat that ate the canary. Why, I believe Joe was wielding a pickax and a saw as if they were weapons!

Supposedly, this all started over lumber.

Last night, after I left, Joe and Fae decided that they needed supplies to repair the roof. Rather than wait until the morning like any normal person, Joe and Fae went to the Labor Union warehouse and simply helped themselves. I guess they cut and stacked the wood right there. Supposedly, Joe even conversed with a guard. Certainly, Joe is someone to watch carefully. None the less, he and Fae then returned to the guildhall with the wood.

In the morning, Kane awoke first, saw the wood and must have began fuming then. Louis came downstairs and treated Kane to breakfast whereupon Louis told Kane that Joe and Fae had stolen the wood. It had previously occurred to me that Kane held a grudge against Joe and I guess the issue of the stolen wood was enough to have him lose his temper.

He returned to the guildhall, stomped into the kitchen and demanded to know why Fae and Joe had stolen the wood. Joe was upstairs working on the roof so, Fae was alone. Rather than answer, she threw her food at Kane. It hit him square in the face. Fae tried to run upstairs but was intercepted by Kane who slammed her to the ground and pinned her. He fiercely punched her with no thought to chivilry nor manner. Eventually, the commotion summoned Joe who lept into the fray. He attemped to bat Kane with the handle end of his pickax but missed.

At this point, Louis returned to the guildhall. Confounded by the events unfolding, the brawl continued until there was a knock at the door. Stella Birch had come calling as she was requested. Yet when she opened the door, her eyes fall upon a house in disrepair and animosity all around. It’s no wonder that she was scared away! The poor girl must have been terrified.

When I crossed her on my way to the guildhall, she was staring at the ground fiercely. As if she were trying to avoid being seen by seeing nothing. That was when I entered the guildhall and beheld the insanity that had befallen.

Bits of food on the floor. Blood on Fae’s face. With Kane still itching to fight. I’m afraid to say that I lost my own composure and scolded them like great big children. Surely, that is what they were presenting themselves as! I reminded Kane of his position as a man of honor and nobility. He is to be the tactical and military leader of these men and women. Not some drunken thug looking for a brawl. Furthermore, I prompted Joe and Fae to recall that we all have a mission that we intend to complete here. Respectability is paramount. Common criminals we are not.

I think that maybe tonight, we shall dine together. I may take them to a first-rate restaurant to remind them of the life that they once had and may have once again. I only wish that I could have them accompany me to a ball. That could even make this faster. No matter, it is integral that the Bronze Star climb to the highest strata of society. These people need their vengance. It’s lack has brought them lower than I had even believed.

9/12/2016, Faes POV
Faes POV

Fae woke early to find herself choking on her hair. She pulled her hair out of her mouth and sat up. She shivered a bit due to the cold air coming in through the crack in the window of the back door. She stood and brushed her clothes off from the crumbs of the biscuits she had stolen from Lewis (Byron) and Kane. She walked out to the living room, noticing that Lewis and Kane had left due to their shoes missing from the front door. She crept upstairs and poked her head into the attic to see Joe still asleep. A idea popped into her head and she slipped back downstairs and into the kitchen where she grabbed 2 pans and a spoon. She stuffed the spoon in her pocket then went back upstairs. She poked her head up just slightly then threw the pans like ninja stars. “BOOONG!” Joe sprawled as the pans hit his back. Joe looked over and said in the weirdest, tiredest voice ever, “WHAUDUDATFUR!” He grabbed a pan and chucked it at her but she dodged quickly. She grabbed the spoon from her pocket and threw it at him, it bonking off his forehead. “bonk”.
Joe was up now. :D
After Joe raged a bit, they decided to get to work on the attic with the wood they “got from charity from themselves” and got to fixing the attic. A while later.. “I’m going to go make breakfast now.” Amber said and turned and walked downstairs. Joe called after, “See if theres any ham! And if there is, gimme it all. You get none because you threw pans at me!” Amber went into the kitchen to find ham and eggs in a cupboard. She cooked it up and put them all on plates when she heard the door behind her open. She turned to see Kane standing behind her looking like the grump he was. “YOU! YOU STOLE THAT WOOD!” Amber raised her eyebrows then said, “You’re just now noticing that?” Kane took a step towards her and she decided, ‘heck why don’t I?’ and threw one of the plates right into Kanes face. She made a run for it, dropping the other plate. She made it towards the stairs when Kane body slammed her. “OOGH!” she fell straight down as if a elephant had hit her. She struggled and Kane punched her in the eye. “!!” screamed Amber and she flailed her legs about. Thats when Joe came downstairs with his Pickaxe and Saw. Did I mention he had a SAW?! SAAAAAW!!!! :D
Joe yelled at us, “WHAT THE FLIPPIN’ FISH ARE YOU DOING!?” he ran downstairs and attempted to butt the end of his pickaxe into Kanes mouth. Kane dodged, getting off me. I scrambled away. Thats when Lewis came in like Hades. ;3
WHAT THE HURGHFH ARE YOU DOING!?” he pushed Joe back. That is also when we hear a knock at the door. I look over to see a teenager standing there. She looked like a teen but she was a elf (duh the ears) and could’ve been any age. She had mousey features and a scared expression. She then asked, “Y-You sent me a note saying you had info?” (The rest I forgot because it was sorta a blur) The elf girl left and as soon as she left, Raine came. Raine looked us all up and down then said, pointing after the girl.. “What was that all about? And what the hell has happened to you, Amber? Ok ok, why- Wha-.. Explain.” While Lewis was explaining, I slipped into the kitchen and tended to my black eye.

The end for now. I added a bit and forgot a bit. Srry. ;3

8/16/2016, Fae Tarlions P.O.V.
Faes POV

Fae watched as everyone spread out, looking for rooms and bunks. I sat there a moment then wandered around, looking for a spot of my own. I walked into the kitchen to see a perfect spot near the oven and the backdoor. Perfect in case one of the other guys attempt to kill me. That look at Kane
I looked around to see that everyone had already claimed cushions, pillows, blankets, etc. I was about to give up looking for bed items when I heard a “BANG” sound. I poked my head into a room to see that Kane had literally destroyed one of the desks. I saw everyone come in except Joe who was still in the attic. I heard Byron say, “What are these things? Should we call Joe?” Kane immediately said, “No!” Joe immediately raced downstairs and yelled “I INVITE MYSELF!!”
I remembered seeing some old blankets upstairs so I quickly snuck around the group and upstairs and grabs one of the old blankets and raced back to the kitchen. I sat the blanket down in the corner then took a few steps back, picturing it with my fingers. “Hm. This.. This is going to be very uncomfortable…” I poked my head back into the other room to see Calvin, Kane and Byron leaving. Joe goes back upstairs. I spot the pack of cushions that Kane had been stacking up for his bed. I ran over and snatched one and ran back to the kitchen and sat it down as my pillow. “Ah. Better… To bad Calvin and Byron didn’t have maybe a mattress or something or I would so have stolen those also. STEAL FROM THE WHOLE GROUP! MAKES SENSE!!” I then heard Joe come into the kitchen and I turned. He said, “Uh. OK. Anyways, I need your help to get some wood for the attic.” I nodded and said, “O-OK. I can do that!” And so we left to steal the wood. On the way out of the house, I snatched another of Kanes cushions. I just did it to agitate him. Me and Joe got to the Labor Union and were cutting some wood and stacking them in a cart when we saw a flash light. “Why are you guys here so early?” I heard someone call. Panicking, I grabbed a hammer but before I could run over and attack, Joe said, “Take the cart and go home. I’ll take care of him.” I nodded and quickly pushed the cart out. But before I left, I poked my head in to see that Joe and the Security Guard chatting. It seemed to be going well.. And then the security guard left. Relieved, I pushed the cart back towards home. Thats when I saw Calvin and Byron. Byron gave me a look then said, “That wood looks like poison oak.” I shook my head, knowing he was lying and said, “I know it isn’t poison oak.” Byron sighed then said, “We aren’t keeping stolen lumber! You will ruin the Bronze Stars name before it is ever established!” I stepped forward, getting in Byrons face and I said, raising my hammer, “Oh really?” Calvin ran over and pushed us apart and said quickly, “Guys, guys… Calm down.. Byron, the lumber is just… graciously borrowed.” Byron gave up and said, “Fine but no more stealing from now on..” And so I picked up wood, one by one, putting it in the attic for Joe. Joe finally came back, right as I finished putting the wood up in the attic. The strange thing is, he came out of a bush, right as I finished up… Oh well, Joe wouldn’t hide and wait for me to finish working just so he didn’t have to help.. Right?

The mysterious case of Hugo Eribus
In which a new house has old secrets

The evenings business concluded and I went to try and have an audience with Chancellor Hugo Radcliff. After I showed him the writ from the bank that I had for him, he was gracious enough to make time for me at the late hour. We briefly exchanged pleasantries before I handed him the guild charter. We were the Bronze Star Guild. He made a face when I told him of where I had made my guildhall but, stifled any comment. Within the hour, I had the signature that I needed and he was a hundred and fifty notes wealthier.

While I’d been making my political overtures, back at the guildhall, the members of the Bronze Star had taken my words quite literally. Joe quickly sprinted up to the attic and decided that that unfinished space was in fact his private quarters. Calvin, Fae and Byron took bunk upstairs in the second floor. There, they discovered the disarray that the house was in. It had to be, the purchase had gone through earlier that day.

Kane was drawn to the office. There, he found Mr. Eribus’ old writing desk. Without pausing to investigate the open drawers, he yanked hard upon the locked drawer, tearing it open. Within, he discovered A receipt from Company 37 for a security door and a hastily written report labeled Preliminary Findings. The report said that “The mice have become violent”, “Tristan (my favorite) has died” and “could the device be responsible?”

Calvin and Byron joined Kane in the office. There, Calvin discovered some strange diagrams. Joe, who had come down because of the commotion explained to the group that the diagram was some sort of Mana Engine but that pages were missing to fully grasp the machine. Byron stumbled upon an old picture of a little girl and and old man in front of a house. The house looked just like this one. On the back of the photo was the name “Stella Birch.”

Calvin, Byron and Kane went off to speak to their contacts and try to discern Hugo Eribus’ current whereabouts but, their leads went to a dead end. It seems that the last anyone saw him, he was in his home. It was already quite late in the evening so Kane returned to the manor for some rest. Calvin and Byron found out where Stella Birch lived and went there. Since it was quite late and they didn’t want to make any more of a scene than they had to, Calvin and Byron left a note for Miss Birch. “We wish to speak to you about Hugo Eribus. We know that he was working on a Mana Engine. We’re trying to ascertain his whereabouts” is what I would like to think that the letter said.

While this was going on, Joe decided that the first order of business was to get started on repairs to the Guildhall. To that end, he enlisted Fae to go to the local Labor Union, Company 37 to “borrow” materials. Joe picked the lock to the back door and together, they entered the warehouse portion of the site. They were merrily cutting wood and stacking it into a trundle cart when a Civil Defense guard meandered into the front of the office.

Joe told Fae to take the wood and the trundle cart and return to the manor while he dealt with the guard. Joe rushed out to meet the guard and quickly struck up a conversation, preventing him from actually looking back to the warehouse where Fae was struggling to get the cart full of wood home. Joe explained that he’d been sent by the Labor Union to work late and was merely doing as he was ordered. The unsuspecting guard and Joe spoke for some time and before leaving, the guard gave Joe a time sheet to fill out. After the close call, Joe returned home and eventually everyone settled in to sleep.

They had a lot of work ahead of them.


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