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The World of Terra

Terra is a world much like earth. It orbits a sun called Celestis, it has a moon called Noctis and is filled with a great many lands and races of people. It has a rich and complex history that includes a millennia long conflict between the Gris Republic and the fallen Uzarelli Empire. There have been extra-dimensional invasions and all out war. Through it all, heroes and villains have continually risen to challenge the world again and again. Today, Terra is very similar to

The history of Terra

This section is all about the long, winding history of Terra.

the Gris Republic

Raphan is a continent in the northern hemisphere of Terra. Most of Raphan is united in the loose Republic of Gris. The Gris Republic was founded by exiles, runaways and traitors from the Uzarelli Empire. Early in it’s past, it was a refuge for wild mages and their families. They were untrained and uneducated in magic and were simply unable to establish their own magical traditions but they did have inventiveness and a will to survive. The Gris Republic established their constitution in defiance of the Uzarelli Empire and worked quietly to make Raphan a place that they could live in. Eventually, it was discovered that special machines could be built that harvested the raw energy of mana stones. Before the Uzarelli Empire realized, the fledgling republic quickly became a power to be reckoned with.

In modern times, the republic is a constitutional republic where elected officials make laws, judges rule on the laws and the people elect the officials. Wielding quite a bit of political and economic might are the Guilds. These various organizations have their own goals, holdings and membership but are able to leverage their power to affect the government. In the Gris republic, this is the Gilded Age.

The Uzarelli Union

In the southern hemisphere of Terra is the continent called Guldin. It is the largest continent in all of Terra and was once completely under the control of the Uzarelli Empire. After the glorious revolution, the emperor was revealed to have become some kind of monster in his quest for power and he was killed on the steps of the Ivory palace. With the death of the emperor, those left of his elite guard, the celestial circle, that could be found were tried for their crimes. The power of the Uzarelli Empire fell and the 7 kingdoms that once stood united under the ever-living emperor now stand apart.

The Uzarelli Union, a military and academic government grew from the tribunals and trials of the fall of the empire. The Uzarelli Union adopted a constitution granting new rights to it’s citizens and abandoned the surveillance state that existed before. Things are better than they’ve ever been for the average citizen of the Union and yet the Union faces all new challenges. Crime, free of the constant surveillance, has risen to unheard-of heights. The military and academia bicker and clash over what the future of the Uzarelli Union looks like while forces gather to destabilize everything that is precariously balanced today.

Fate RPG Additions and Clarifications

These are skills and sample stunts and magic that are used in this game.

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